Search Engine Optimization Betekis – A Comprehensive Review

Search Engine Optimization Betekis – A Comprehensive Review

search engine optimization betekenis

Ben Eyre and Mike Doyle have recently published their book Search Engine Optimization Betekenis. The book is a quick study of just what Search Engine Optimization is and can do for your website. By no means is this book exhaustive or even a textbook. However, it is a quick read and contains information that can help any new webmaster or even experienced one tremendously benefit from the information in the book. Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically since the dawn of the internet and many people still believe that the way SEO works today is far out of date. The authors dispel these thoughts by showing how Search Engine Optimization has evolved and continues to change as newer technologies are developed.


One thing that I found interesting was the use of Google Analytics to show how many page loads each page of the website had. This is an amazing tool for any webmaster or business owner as they can view which keywords and phrases are being used to optimize their websites. For example, I frequently see webmasters using such phrases as “beef”, “potatoes”, “Oregon” and “internet marketing”. While many of these phrases have been around for a while, it shows the importance of the term and how many websites are using it to optimize their pages.


Search Engine Optimization Betekenis also covers topics such as link building, website copywriting, and search engine optimization. I enjoyed the sections that discussed these topics in more detail. In particular, I liked the betekenis reference to Google’s PageRank system and how important it was to use Google’s PageRank as a guide to getting your site noticed by the search engines. Google’s PageRank is based on a number of factors including incoming links and activity on blogs and websites. I’m not an expert on the matter but this is an excellent introduction to the topic that will intrigue even the most technical of internet marketers.


Search Engine Optimization Betekenis is only part of the search engine optimization online program. The main training course, SEO Elite, goes into greater depth on how to take advantage of your keywords to optimize your web pages. Search Engine Optimization Elite also goes into more depth on link building techniques to enhance your search engine optimization. The book, SEO Elite, is a great quick read. I got through the book easily and didn’t have to spend hours trying to digest all the information.


Webmasters interested in increasing their search engine optimization might find Betekenis’ SEO Elite a valuable addition to their arsenal. I liked the references to Google PageRank and how important it is to use Google PageRank as well as the other algorithms that Google has to help with your optimization. The book contains a lot of real-life case studies from real webmasters who were able to use the methods outlined in the book to increase their ranking. The case studies in SEO Elite were particularly interesting to me as many of the webmasters were able to achieve results using methods that they would likely be unable to accomplish without the knowledge provided in the book.


Search Engine Optimization Betekenis is an excellent introduction to SEO if you are starting out or just want to brush up on your skills. I especially like that it is available in both eBook and paper form so that you can take it with you and study at your leisure. While it may not contain everything that some of the other books on the market do, it should increase your confidence levels and make it easier for you to apply the knowledge that you learn. I hope that Betekenis has improved on his SEO starter guide. If I had to improve one thing about this book it would be to make sure that he includes a thumb-down version of the book so that those who are new to search engine optimization can also take advantage of all of the tips and tricks that are provided.

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