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How Do You Know If The Water Is Clean Enough?

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Know If The Water Is Clean Enough

How Do You Know If The Water Is Clean Enough?

Our body heavily depends on water consumption. To stay healthy we all need clean water to survive. We can’t always trust the water coming out of our taps. It’s our responsibility to make it safe and clean. Contamination makes their way to make the water unhealthy by directly contaminating the internal plumbing so water gets contaminated on its way to taps. In some cases, contaminants are naturally present in water in the environment. Water is not clean when it contains other than water molecules like chemical and biological substances. Consuming contaminated water can lead to many health problems. You can make sure that you are drinking safe and clean water.

Make Sure That You’re Drinking Safe Water

  • Get  home water analysis Kit
  • Contact your local government for the information about water quality
  • You should invest water filtration system and should replace when needed

At Home Water Analysis Kit

This kit is very affordable and easy to use and you can easily determine the quality of the water. It includes the number of strips that changes the color if any unwanted harmful substances are found.

Get Information From Local Government

Municipalities should keep an eye on the water quality. Some municipalities do better work for this. It is better to take all information about the number of pipes lead their and the quality of water they are providing to all local areas.

Water purifier

The water purifier also works the same as a water filter to remove all unwanted substances from the water and make clean. The water purifier can remove all impurities from water which helps to improve the taste and texture of the water.

Types Of Water Purifier

  1. Reverse osmosis (RO): It is a highly effective way to purify water which involves the process in which it removes all inorganic solids from the water and makes the water clean and safe. This system use pressure to force water through the membrane so that that a certain amount of wastewater is sent to drain. It separates the inorganic substances from the water to produce clean and safe water for drinking. It has a long life span but is higher in cost. Know If The Water Is Clean Enough .
  2. Ion exchange: ion exchange is the process is used to soften the hard water by exchanging the magnesium and calcium that are found in hard water. The magnesium and calcium ions are found in the form of small beads which makes the water hard. The ion exchange process exchanges all resins from the water to soften the water to make it usable and safe. It is not much expensive and can remove all the manganese, calcium, and iron from the water.
  3. UV filters: These types of filters are the newest technologies in the market that uses ultraviolet radiations to treat the contaminated water that helps in destroying all the bacteria and harmful microorganisms from the water. It can kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms from the water. It requires a power supply for operating.
  4. Activated Carbon block: It contains fine carbon powder that helps in removing chlorine taste from the water and also remove all the dust particles and odor from the water. The positively charged activated carbon attracts all negatively charged chemicals to make water clean. It is very affordable and effective. It also includes a pH level changing system. The good thing is that it does not require any type of power supply for the filtration of water.

Water filter

A water filter removes all the harmful chemicals from the water and makes them clean and pure to use for different purposes. It removes all the bad taste and odor from water. There are two techniques used by water filters to remove dirt and unwanted particles from the water that makes it safe to use- Physical filtration and chemical filtration.

Physical filtration techniques strain water to remove large harmful particles. It provides physical barriers to remove all dirt particles from water whereas chemical filtration technique involves passing of water through active minerals that remove all harmful chemicals from the water and make it safe to use for different purposes. Know If The Water Is Clean Enough .

Types of water filter

  • Whole house Filters

This filter can connect to the whole house to the mainline of the water to remove contaminated particles from the water and can produce clean and freshwater depending on one’s need. It helps to reduce all sediments and organic particles from the water.

  • Shower Filters

It is a type of filter that can connect directly to the showerhead. It comes in various color choices. Shower filters are used for reducing the chlorine and synthetic particles from the water to promote healthier skin and hair. It helps in removing all the unwanted substances and particles from the water that causes damage to the hair and skin. This filter also mains the pH level that helps in maintaining proper pH balance for the skin. It also helps to remove all harsh chemicals like chlorine and zinc that enhance the quality of the water.

  • Drinking filters

Drinking filters come in many varieties as these are used by everyone. It helps in removing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and more harmful substances from the water and makes the water safe to drink.

  1. Backpacking water filters

It is a type of filter which is used for trip and while travelling. This filter is used for sufficient protection if you are travelling to less developed countries. This micro filter is built for the backcountry type water that helps in removing unpleasant tastes from the water.

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