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How Should You Handle Guest Posts on Your Blog the Right Way?

by My Dreams Place
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How Should You Handle Guest Posts on Your Blog the Right Way?

We have learnt a lot about Handle Guest Posts services and its advantages. Our experts had also shared the pros and cons of guest post and how it is the best way for organic SEO. But, have you ever thought that is it possible to handle the guest post on your blog of different bloggers? Do you think is it so easy to offer a service and maintain the level at same pitch? If not, then here we will be asking a few questions to you and these questions will be very helpful for work.


How to charge a blogger for a guest post?


Guest post service charge is the same for all the bloggers but there are a few criteria based on which one has to finalize the charge for the guest post service. Here are those criteria’s in detail: 


  • A number of backlinks they want to add in the post. Charge is based on per backlink basis.
  • The niche of your site and what all the blogger wants to post on your site.
  • Is it a permanent post or a temporary one?
  • Selling blog or informative blog on the given niche.


In this way, one has to finalize the rate based on these things.


Can I allow all the guest post?


No, one cannot allow everyone to post their blog on site. There are some criteria which decide whether a  post is suitable for a site or not. Those essential points are as follows:


  • Grammatically error-free article/blog-post without any plagiarism.
  • The structure of sentences is well-maintained and easy to read for a Grade 6 student.
  • The sentence is short and well-written.
  • A number of words per blog should be more than 600 words.
  • Try to use least or no passive voice in the sentences to keep blog user-friendly.
  • Use tools to check the article for grammar and plagiarism. Some of the tools are Grammarly, pre-post SEO, quetext, 1text, and many more.
  • One can buy a pack of paid tools or go for unpaid ones if your budget is less.
  • Readout loud the article to know the accuracy and ease of understanding.


In this way specify some criteria as per your niche and if blog meets requirements then only allow to post. It will help to sort out good and bad blogs easily. 


Permanent or Temporary Guest Post:


It depends on your site’s type and maintenance level that whether you could afford a permanent post or not. Most of the time bloggers get attracted to the permanent post as it gives more traffic than any other.


  • Advantage of Permanent Post: People will prefer your service more in future. Recommendations by bloggers will be high in their circle and you will be able to get more people to opt for your services.
  • Disadvantages of Temporary Post: People are less attracted to temporary post service as profit will be for short-term. Hence, recommendations will be less and so the profit and selling of guest post service will be less.




So, now we could conclude that handling guest is not too easy. One has to keep a record of every blogger who apply for your service and submits an article for the same. One has to keep a record of payments done by the bloggers for opting guest post service. One will be able to earn a lot through providing a platform for a guest post to the website owners. The only thing required is the maintenance of record and keeping everything in the queue while working. Give specified time for posting of an article to the blogger and do it at the same time only.


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