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Best Social Media Platforms to do Digital Marketing in 2020

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Best Social Media Platforms to do Digital Marketing in 2020

There was a time when people depended on only word-of-mouth advertising to popularize their businesses. Billboards and hoardings came later to the advertising industry. Even till the end of 1990s, businesses depended on simple electronic mediums such as radios and TV programs to reach a greater number of customers. But in recent times, look at the advertising and marketing industry. Have they not encountered tremendous changes because of the popularity of social media platforms? Also, nowadays, people rely more on their mobiles to stay updated regarding the recent events. Activity on social media was just considered for spending free time. However, right now, social media marketing campaigns have become a favorite investment for businesses ranging from start-ups, small to medium to large businesses to reach the target audience. In this article, however, let us look at the best social media platforms to do digital marketing.

There are several social media platforms (global and even domestic (restricted to a country). After reading this article, you may want to use all the social media platforms. But please accept our advice on using only the relevant platforms used by your target audience.

  1. Facebook

As per youngsters and the recent populace, you are considered a cool person if you have a Facebook account. With the number of uses touching 2.7 billion, and millions of dollars generated via Ads, this platform is used by businesses for collecting reviews and keeping the customers engaged. Many people even now remember Facebook when thinking of social media. Do you have a business of your own? Then it is vital to have a Facebook business page for your company. Your team need to be active on this page by posting images with regards to the products/services in regular fashion.


A single tweet by a celebrity can set the trend for the day. The number of users has crossed 186 million. Twitter is mostly used for day-to-day updates. You get responses at a fast pace to a tweet. So, if a company is introducing new products or services on a global scale, this is the best platform for advertising the business. 

You can also use this platform for sharing links to a new article or blog post. Also, if your company is popular, you can use this platform to build a reputation.

3. LinkedIn

Considered one of the best online platforms to make connections and for B2B marketing, the users have crossed 706 million. It can also be used for marketing B2C companies’ products/services. It has become mandatory to have a business profile page on Linkedin. Other benefits – if you have vacancies in your company, you can easily advertise on LinkedIn and get relevant candidates.

4. YouTube

There was a time when people relied on newspapers to stay updated on the recent events. The earlier generation would like to read line by line on the newspapers, but the millennials like to watch videos and complete the task. Videos have become the recent fad to catch the eyes of customers. If you have a company and upload the best videos on the internet, chances are, your products and services have gained popularity on a global scale.

5. Instagram

Instagram is great only for sharing images or photos, but within a short span of time, the number of users has crossed one billion. Are you an entrepreneur running a B2C company? Then you can share the images on Instagram to popularize the products. Like Twitter, you can also use hashtags to reach a maximum number of people. 

  1. Reddit

In Facebook, you must run ads to reach a specific target audience. But Reddit’s algorithms are based on reaching the niche audience. Like Quora, reddit is used as a good interactive platform to connect with similar minded people. You can share content, links on this platform. However, the rules are strict, and if found, you are publishing more business promotional content, then your profile can get deactivated.

7. Snapchat

The name conveys the meaning, and you can take a snap of your family at an event and start a chat when you post on this platform. The number of users is going to cross 238 million, but the advantage is that the images will remain for only 24 hours. What more could be beneficial for a company that wants to promote a new product or new service? The best way is to make use of customized geotags to promote events.

8. Quora

There are many online question and answer platforms, but none can match the simple design and search algorithms on Quora. Many small businesses use this platform for advertising their products and services. The number of users is on the rise and has crossed 300 million. Persons looking for answers in a specific industry topic can get their queries answered from experts within three days. You can also make use of the business advertising platform to reach relevant audiences.

9. Nextdoor

This platform is best used to popularize a local business. You can meet the neighbors online on this platform. If you have a business page, then it will be easy for the target audience to find your products/services.

  1. Whatsapp

Though a messaging platform to keep friends and relatives connected, Whatsapp is also used as a marketing tool to give information on products and services by companies. When compared to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, you can easily send marketing messages on Whatsapp. The number of users has crossed two billion.


We have given you information on only 10 social media platforms to do Digital Marketing in 2020. However, please remember that there are also other platforms which are used such as Tumblr on a small scale. Are you an entrepreneur from New Zealand who has opened a new online business (Ecommerce)? Then, you need to really advertise on social media platforms used by your target audience to make the website more visible. If you have a small budget and a small team, but need a dedicated experienced social media person, you can take the help of either freelancers or a well-known digital marketing company in New Zealand. Other than offering social media marketing service, they may also have other services such as graphic designing services, content writing services and website designing services. You can contact them for social media marketing campaigns. They will assign a dedicated social media manager for your company. He/she will take care of the posts for social media and even run Ad campaigns to make your company products more visible to the target audience.

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