An Overview Of The Ideal Seoul Weather

An Overview Of The Ideal Seoul Weather

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The Seoul weather is hot and humid during the summertime. Most people prefer to stay cool and comfortable inside their homes to feel more comfortable. During the cooler seasons, you can enjoy a nice outdoor environment and BBQs, swimming pools, and other fun activities.


But the summer is not the only season that brings extreme weather conditions. February and March are considered the coldest months in Seoul. There are ice and snow in the air and the temperature barely reaches 16 degrees Celsius. Winter is much colder with temperatures peaking at below freezing point. April, May, and September are considered as the most active months with various festivals and sports events.


The average temperature in Seoul is between eleven and twelve degrees Celsius. Humidity is at its peak. As the weather turns hot, most people wear light clothing and skirts. As the day begins to turn over, the heat increases making it uncomfortable for people to be out in the streets. But if you like to stay outdoors then you can always find a shady spot to sit down and read a book or watch a movie.


Precautions are being taken by Seoul residents especially the elderly who live alone in their compounds. To prevent too much heat from coming into their compound, air conditioners and dehumidifiers are being installed. A sprinkler system is also being put in place to avoid water spouts from messing up the area. This will keep the weather from getting too hot and uncomfortable for them.


If you are planning to travel around the countryside, make sure you have plenty of umbrellas and clothes for layering so that you won’t get too hot or too cold. Sunglasses and hats are must-have items to protect your eyes from the sun. Water is another main concern for Seoul locals. Public fountains and swimming pools are provided for the citizens of Seoul but don’t forget to drink lots of water. Always bring a bottle to fill yourself up with water.


Although it is hot outside, at night the Seoul weather becomes really humid and warm. The air is very dry and people start shivering because the temperature is very high. It is advised to stay inside and just enjoy the day. Although it is summer season, there is no need to over sweat because there are cool and refreshing evenings to look forward to.

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